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Careful design, construction and repair to lessen waste and manage our responsibilities is the correct way to approach work, repurposing is offered in many projects, this is a more difficult approach, however we share the rewards!

The joy of designing the esthetic and ensuring the structure is sound for the next generation is shared with the commissioning party,  the quality always stands proud in our pieces.

Repairs &

Repairing a quality piece is a wise move.  Refurbishing to an original condition by removing botched repairs, is possible and can reward the owner with added years of service and a return to quality.

sourced lumber

Rosewood, live oak, red eucalyptus, monkey-pod are all urban harvested woods.  The keepsake box pictured was commissioned and is a single plank wrapped rosewood,  Lychee nut is also incredibly hard and available from time to time.

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