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Furniture surrounds our life and reflects our values.  

Lumber furniture reflects, strength, form, and beauty, the use of these solemn sentinals of the forest, provides a second life to their purpose, and brings us closer to the natural world.  We enjoy making finer furniture.


Skills, experience, and attitude are necessary to create a special piece of furniture.  35 years of working wood, furniture design, and finishing methods, provide a base for success. 

The pure love of the medium also reinforces the conviction of finding the best presentation of the wood planks.

As with life, the added years provide wisdom and concentration to the details within the execution.  And we all benefit.



An eight year old boy worked next to his grandfather to begin his love for building furniture.

Stickley Furniture employment reinforced the value of joinery.

Kindel Furniture taught the importance of the esthetic elements. 

Joseph Furniture warrants our work for strength and esthetic value.


Live Oak "live edge" bench  slab with salvaged mahogany church pew.


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